Bachelor’s Degree (First Cycle)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
English Translation and Interpreting
Russian Translation and Interpreting
Chinese Translation and Interpreting
Translation and Interpreting (Arabic)
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering (English)
Computer Engineering (English)
Computer Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (English)
Mechanical Engineering (English)
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering (English)
Mechatronics Engineering (English)
Geomatic Engineering
Automotive Engineering (English)
Energy Systems Engineering (English)
Food Engineering (English)
Genetics and Bioengineering
Genetics and Bioengineering (English)
Software Engineering (English)
Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (English)
Fashion Design
Industrial Product Design
Cinema and Television
Arts and Culture Management
Visual Communication Design
Architecture (English)
Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences
Business Administration
Business Administration (English)
International Trade (English)
International Trade
International Relations
International Relations (English)
Logistics Management (English)
Logistics Management
Banking and Finance (English)
Economics and Finance(English)
Tourism and Hotel Management
Tourism and Hotel Management (English)
Accounting and Auditing
Logistics and Transportation
International Finance
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Education
Psychologıcal Guidance and Counseling
English Language Teaching
Pre-School Education
Special Education Teaching
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Information Systems and Technologies
Public Relations and Advertising
Gastronomy And Culinary Arts (English)
Pilotage (English)
Aviation Management
New Media
Banking and Insurance
Sport Management
Faculty of Dentistry
Dentistry (English)
Faculty of Health Sciences
Nursing (English)
Nutrition and Dietetics
Child Development
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (English)
Health Management
Nutrition and Dietetics (English)
Faculty of Medicine
Medicine (English)