Computer Engineering Ph.D
PhD TR-NQF-HE: Level 8 QF-EHEA: Third Cycle EQF-LLL: Level 8

Aim of the Programme

Qualified persons trained in Computer Engineering are able to work directly in their own fields as well as in multidisciplinary working groups. The development of research and development incentives that will create added value in our country and increase international competitiveness; the research and development activities that reach to high dimensions both in terms of amount and type have made an opening from university and institute institutions and have increased the number of R & D departments in the industry. The increase in the number of technoparks and the number of researchers employed is an important indicator of this. A Ph.D. degree will be provided to ensure that both universities take place in the academic staff and that they are qualified to be in a qualified R & D department. The need for qualified staff in the field of computer engineering and information technology continues to increase. The length of the doctoral study period also affects this.