Recognition of Study Abroad

Inter-university student exchange programs may be implemented in accordance with agreements between the university and other universities abroad. During the exchange program, the student's enrollment in University continues and this period is counted during the teaching period. Exchange programs are conducted in accordance with bilateral agreements and the principles determined by the Higher Education Council. The procedures of the students who come to the University in the framework of bilateral agreement or international relations from abroad are carried out by the decisions of the concerned unit boards according to the provisions of bilateral agreement and related legislation.
Credits of courses or applications taken by a student who is registered to a higher education institution in the country or abroad from within a national or international student exchange program or from another higher education institution at the same level as a private student can be counted as a substitute for the obligations in the diploma program. This application is made in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the Principles of Implementation of Credit Transfer between Double Major, Minor and Minor Programs between Associate and Bachelor Degree Programs in Higher Education Institutions published in the Official Gazette dated 24/4/2010 and numbered 27561 and the principles determined by the Senate .	
students starting tertiary education abroad, which will be used in the evaluation of higher education programs to transition their application in Turkey Student Selection and Student Selection made by the Placement Center and Placement exams are accepted as equivalent to them with minimum scores in exams and scores, along with the overseas transfer quotas set by the university Higher Education by Board is declared. Candidates must have at least the announced scores or points in order to be able to apply for horizontal transfer.