General Admission Requirements

A. Undergraduate Programs:

Okan University complies with the admission process governed by the Turkish Higher Education Council (THEC). The placement for undergraduate degree programs for Turkish citizens is centrally made according to their test scores obtained in the University Entrance Examinations which are conducted by the Center for Testing, Selection and Placement (OSYM). Thus, every student should present their Central Higher Education Placement Exam (ÖSYM) result and comply with the regulations set forth by the Turkish Higher Education Council. For some study fields , students who are graduated from high school are admitted on the basis of Special Ability/Talent Exam, in compliance with the regulations established by the Turkish Higher Education Council

B. Graduate School Programs

The minimum admission Requirements for Graduate Programs are determined by the Turkish Higher Education Council according to the Higher Education Law no. 2547. In addition to the application documents and minimum common admission requirements, most programs may conduct a written exam and/or interview in order to decide for the eligibility of the candidate for the program. Please refer to the University website for the most current information about the Graduate Programs.

C. International Student Admissions

International students should file their applications directly to the International Office at Okan University. The applications will be processed by the International Office and admission notice will be sent after the approval of the faculties for undergraduate candidates and of the graduate schools for graduate program candidates. International students applying for an undergraduate program at Okan University must submit a national or international examination result. Detailed and up-to-date information regarding the list of examinations and the minimum scores accepted, and the list of documents required can be found on

Language Requirements

All undergraduate students have to prove their proficiency in English before they can start the first year of their academic program. International students who are unable to submit the required English language test scores during their application can take the Okan University English Proficiency Test upon arrival. Students who fail the test will attend Okan University Intensive English Program for one year. This year is not included in the total number of years required for graduation.

D. Transfer Students: i.

Inter-Institutional Transfers:

Inter-Institutional transfers can be made between the programs of the same diploma level and on the basis of the rules and quotas determined by the Turkish Higher Education Council.

Students applying for an Inter-Institutional Transfer should either have a cumulative GPA of minimum 60 out of 100, or have obtained a Central Higher Education Placement Exam (ÖSYM) score which is equal or higher the score necessary for the program they are applying for. The quotas, application and evaluation calendar of inter-institutional transfers are announced on the THEC website. Students applying for a partially or totally English medium program should either take the English proficiency exam and obtain the required score, or should present a national or international exam result with the required score.

ii. Transfers from Foreign Universities

Students of foreign universities applying for a transfer should also comply with the above mentioned, inter-institutional transfer regulations. Students, who have a valid Central Higher Education Placement Exam result, can apply for transfer and are exempt from the minimum GPA requirement for application. These students are not considered within the foreign student transfer quotas.

iii. Transfer between programs or faculties or schools

The rules and regulations monitoring the transfers between programs or between faculties, schools, conservatories or vocational schools are determined by the relevant executive bodies. The transfer quotas that are decided by the relevant executive bodies may not exceed the 15% of the quotas published in the OSYM student guide book. The OSYM Exam score of students who want to transfer to programs requiring a different kind of OSYM Exam category must have either an equal or a higher score than the minimum score required by any Turkish HEI.