General Registration Procedures

General Registration Procedures                   Students who want to make a definite registration through the E-Government Gate should pay attention to the following information.   In order to be able to process via e-government;   They have to pre-register at                                     complete payment of the amount specified in the pre-registration screen, by logging in with your password from address e-government can perform the enrollment process. In the event that the registration is not made via E-government, by the date announced by the Directorate of Student Affairs, by applying to the university personally, necessary documents and registration procedures can be completed.   Once you have completed your formal registration through e-government, you will not need to hand over your documents to my university again							

 1.https: // The Pre-Registration Application Form
2.SEC Result Document (Internet output) (entrance result document to university)
3. Original or new dated diplomas received from the school of graduation from the school TEMPORARY GRADUATION CERTIFICATE (for students whose diploma is not ready) Original  and 1 photocopy
4. Students who have not graduated in the past but have gained the right to register must submit a letter indicating the possible date of graduation from the language they are studying,
5.Philippine Citizenship Card and three photocopies to be given to Student Affairs Directorate during registration,
6. Declaration about residence (This form is on the pre-registration screen and will be filled in and signed by the student and delivered to the Student Affairs at the time of registration)
7. Declaration about the registration status of the ward (This form is on the pre-registration screen, will be completed and signed by the student and delivered to the Student Affairs Office during registration)
A new dated State of Emergency Certificate from the military service for male students born in the year of 8.1995 and earlier (male students born in 1995 and after will be completed and signed the Military Status Report on pre-registration screens and will be handed over to the Student Affairs Office during registration)
9. Six pieces of 4.5cm x 6 size photos taken within six months,
10. Document showing that the payment has been made