Recognition of Prior Learning (formal, informal, and non-formal)

The recognition of the previous learner is one of the basic characteristics of the Turkish education system. Candidates placed in higher education institutions by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center are registered with the diploma they have obtained from secondary education institutions.
Students who are enrolled for the first time in associate degree, undergraduate or graduate degree in teaching language partly or completely foreign language or in programs of Department of Translation Studies or Foreign Language Education Department are subjected to foreign language leveling and / or proficiency exam (YDBS) held at the beginning of the academic year they enroll.
Students newly enrolled at the university are exempted from the Foreign Language Preparatory Class in case they are successful by participating in the exemption and foreign language proficiency exams made at the University at the beginning of the academic year. Students who passed the exam will be exempted from the course related to this exam.
T. C. Those who are placed in a undergraduate program as a result of the Vertical Transfer Examination by the Center for Measurement, Selection and Placement (ÖSYM) will be entitled to enrollment and registration will be made on the dates announced by ÖSYM by the Student Affairs Directorate and with the required documents.
Missing or invalid documents are not recorded. Okan University is authorized to conduct legal proceedings against candidate candidates who are found to be untrue. Those who do not enroll in the course of time are considered to have given up the right to enroll at the university.
The registration process is carried out personally by the applicant. However, those who have a valid and valid excuse and who certify their excuse may make their registration within the registration period through legal deputies. Documents sent by mail are not accepted and no registration is made.
Within the scope of the "Regulation on the Principles of Transition between Programs of Bachelor's Degree and Bachelor's Degree in Higher Education Institutions, Double Major, Minor and Intermediary Institutional Credit Transfer" 
In accordance with the principles determined by the University Senate, horizontal transfer with the score of central placement examination made by OSYM, horizontal transfer from institutions of other higher education to equivalent programs of the University and acceptance of students with horizontal transfer to the equivalent programs of the University. In line with the same principles, students can register to double major and minor programs if they meet the necessary conditions.
Education recognition of exchange students

Students are placed in the universities by the department coordinators taking into account the Erasmus score, language score and Erasmus agreement conditions. The faculty coordinators are informed by the International Programs Coordination Office of the universities where the students are placed.
Our university must fill out the Learning Agreement with the department coordinator and sign all the relevant documents with the application form from our students who will go abroad.

Students participating in the Erasmus exchange program are required to submit to Okan University a copy of the notes on the courses they have taken at the end of the training semesters.

ECTS - Okan University credit and grade conversions are carried out by the relevant unit board of directors taking into account the values ​​of "Okan University - ECTS Rating Transformation".