Career Center

Okan University Career Center aims to guide students in gaining self-awareness; to help their career planning; to provide information on business expectations and orient students to jobs which are suitable for their aspirations and studies. To this aim, Career Center, assists students during their studies and monitors and maintains relations with graduate students. Career Center, through the “Business Life Program” also provides students with internship or part-time job possibilities in companies and business partners, with which cooperation protocols have been signed. Business Life Program enables students improve their self-awareness, make better career choices and get familiar with corporate culture. Business Life Program is compulsory for all students and has four components: Business Life Course, Preparation for Graduation, Voluntary work or Internship, and Happy Life Courses. Students attending this program, at the end of the fourth year, will be able to measure their weaknesses and strengths; define perspectives about their vocation, competencies and career options; define their personal vision and concept; become familiar with concepts such as motivation, performance and pro-active attitudes. Students will also be able to write an effective CV and have improved interview skills.