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PhD in Banking
PhD TR-NQF-HE: Level 8 QF-EHEA: Third Cycle EQF-LLL: Level 8

General course introduction information

Course Code: YON625
Course Name: Current Issues in Management and Organization
Course Semester: Fall
Course Credits:
Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
3 0 3 10
Language of instruction: TR
Course Requisites:
Does the Course Require Work Experience?: No
Type of course: Department Elective
Course Level:
PhD TR-NQF-HE:8. Master`s Degree QF-EHEA:Third Cycle EQF-LLL:8. Master`s Degree
Mode of Delivery: Face to face
Course Coordinator : Dr.Öğr.Üyesi CANAN KOÇER DURMAZ
Course Lecturer(s): Prof. Dr. UĞUR YOZGAT
Prof. Dr. Refika BAKOĞLU
Course Assistants:

Course Objective and Content

Course Objectives: This course designed to prepare doctoral candidates to discuss and conduct research in the latest. developments in management and organizations area.
Course Content: This course designed to prepare doctoral candidates to discuss and conduct research in the latest developments in management and organizations area.

Learning Outcomes

The students who have succeeded in this course;
Learning Outcomes
1 - Knowledge
Theoretical - Conceptual
1) • To identify the state-of-the-art of research in the management and organizations area
2 - Skills
Cognitive - Practical
1) • To conduct a research study in management and organizations.
3 - Competences
Competence to Work Independently and Take Responsibility
Field Specific Competence
Learning Competence
Communication and Social Competence

Lesson Plan

Week Subject Related Preparation
1) • Globalization, information society, knowledge worker, information revolution, future orientation and change explains and discusses the basic concepts related to issues such as management. none
2) • Quality, total quality management, kaizen, continuous improvement, 5 Olympic zeros, quality certification, participation explains and discusses Read Chapter 2
3) • Evaluates and discusses the growing importance of knowledge as a resource; concepts of data, information and knowledge. • difference from each other; the way knowledge is produced and disseminated in organizations, knowledge production and • the importance of methods and approaches to facilitate its dissemination; how knowledge will create strategic advantage Read Chapter 3
4) • Explain and discuss learning at individual group and organizational levels, learning organization, learning • five disciplines of organization, learning experience effect, half life Read Chapter 4
5) • Explain, define and discuss basic ability, core ability, outsourcing, downsizing, rank reduction, simplification, agile organization, search for the right size Read Chapter 5
6) • Explain, define and discuss network organization, virtual organization, aggregation organization, clustering, e-business, e-commerce Read Chapter 6
7) • Explain, define and know benchmarking, reengineering, process improvement, reinforcement, structural reinforcement, • psychological empowerment Read Chapter 7
8) midterm exam study for midterm exam
9) • Explain, define and describe agency theory, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, managerial ethics, transparency, accountability, responsibility, fairness read chapter 9
10) • Explain, understand and discuss global environmental issues, environmental management and business, green management, green business, green • product, green innovation read chapter 10
11) • Explain, define and describe intellectual capital, human capital, structural capital, customer capital, Skandia compass Read chapter 11
12) • Discuss current issues in management and organizations research and discuss innovation, creativity and change read chapter 12
13) To conduct a research study in management and organizations and discuss Industry 4.0, digital transformation, smart product, smart factory, automated data sharing, cyber physical systems, internet of things. read chapter 13
14) final exam study final exam


Course Notes / Textbooks: Hamilton, L., Mitchell, L., & Mangan, A. (Eds.). (2019). Contemporary Issues in Management: A Critical Management Approach. Edward Elgar Publishing.
References: Hamilton, L., Mitchell, L., & Mangan, A. (Eds.). (2019). Contemporary Issues in Management: A Critical Management Approach. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Course-Program Learning Outcome Relationship

Learning Outcomes



Program Outcomes

Course - Learning Outcome Relationship

No Effect 1 Lowest 2 Low 3 Average 4 High 5 Highest
Program Outcomes Level of Contribution

Learning Activity and Teaching Methods


Assessment & Grading Methods and Criteria

Written Exam (Open-ended questions, multiple choice, true-false, matching, fill in the blanks, sequencing)
Case study presentation

Assessment & Grading

Semester Requirements Number of Activities Level of Contribution
Attendance 1 % 10
Presentation 1 % 40
Final 1 % 50
total % 100
total % 100