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Yaşlı Bakımı
Associate TR-NQF-HE: Level 5 QF-EHEA: Short Cycle EQF-LLL: Level 5

Relation of Program Learning Outcomes & Program Goals

Programme Objectives









Program Outcomes
1) Works for individual professional development, knows and applies the issue of occupational health and safety, knows personal protective precautions and environmental safety rules,

2) Knows how to prepare / organize the working area and ensures that the elderly care service meets the quality standards

3) Helps the individual who receives the elderly care service to gain self-care knowledge and skills, Makes face and neck care, Makes hand-foot-nail care, Makes oral and dental care, Makes hair / beard care

4) Helps the elderly care person to have bathroom or bathing in the bed, Helps to change the clothes , Helps with toilet needs

5) Performs necessary procedures after self-care. Prepares the materials used during the applications according to the hygiene rules. Removes the personal waste that emerges during maintenance according to hygiene rules.

6) Changes the bedding of the person taking elderly care service and provides bedding arrangement, Provides the room arrangement, Takes measures against accidents and injuries in the living area

7) Provides and/or supports oral feeding, Performs necessary procedures after oral feeding

8) Provides mobility of the elderly person, Follows body integrity and bed wounds, Implements the measures necessary to prevent bed wounds

9) Provides participation in social activities, Supports participation in occupational activities, Provides participation in recommended physical activities, Provides participation in proposed mental activities, Supports adaptation process, Facilitates effective communication

10) Supports the use of prescription medication (except for red and green prescriptions) for elderly when there is no health professional,   Supports health professionals in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, Monitor old person receiving treatment