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First Aid and Emergency (Second Education)
Associate TR-NQF-HE: Level 5 QF-EHEA: Short Cycle EQF-LLL: Level 5

Program Training Goals

(The objectives determined in line with the purpose of the program are stated below.)
1 To be able to use theoretical first aid information
2 Be able to use first and emergency help terminology effectively
3 Be able to act in accordance with the basic professional legislation regarding first aid and emergency aid
4 To be able to use information and communication technologies in matters related to first aid and emergency aid, to transfer their professional knowledge through written, verbal / non-verbal communication.
5 To be able to express social, scientific, cultural and professional ethical values.
6 To be able to act and participate in quality management and processes.
7 Communication at a basic level on a foreign language.
8 Apply the changing techniques depending on the developing technology, use new tools and devices.
9 Ability to update the knowledge, skills and competences related to initial and emergency aid with the awareness of lifelong learning and to develop oneself personally and professionally.
10 To be able to use basic knowledge and skills related to initial and emergency aid, to interpret and evaluate data, and to identify and solve possible problems.
11 Ability to work with other health disciplines
12 Evaluating the patient / injured and determining the problem
13 To be able to recognize all the materials and equipments in the ambulance, to use them properly and to maintain them
14 To be able to take necessary precautions about crime scene, vehicle and driving safety
15 To apply health protection and security measures
17 To be able to establish the correct communication chain about the health problems and correctly define the data about the patient and her/his problems.
18 To be able to communicate with disabled patiens.
19 To be able to triage correctly
20 To be able to undertake the responsibilies of the first team in the crime scene