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Associate TR-NQF-HE: Level 5 QF-EHEA: Short Cycle EQF-LLL: Level 5

Relation of Program Learning Outcomes & Program Goals

Programme Objectives







Program Outcomes
1) To have basic theoretical and practical knowledge about the field of anesthesia and knowledge of accessing, evaluating and applying information.

2) To use theoretical and practical knowledge on the basic level of anesthesia; to interpret and evaluate data using the basic knowledge and skills acquired, to identify and analyze problems, and to take responsibility for the work planned for the solution.

3) To learn the devices used in the field of anesthesia and their usage, to monitor, evaluate and apply current developments.

4) To inform related persons and institutions by using the basic knowledge and skills that they possess in matters related to the field; to be able to communicate suggestions for solutions to problems and problems in writing and orally.

5) To have a critical approach to evaluate the knowledge and skills at the basic level in the field, to determine learning needs and to have lifelong learning consciousness.

6) To contribute in accordance with the social, scientific, cultural and ethical values of the collection, interpretation, application and announcement of the results related to the field.

7) To comply with laws, regulations, legislation, professional ethics rules and quality management processes related to duties, rights and responsibilities.

8) Having sufficient consciousness about individual and public health, patient safety, environmental protection and work safety.

9) To be able to work as a team member, to collaborate with different disciplines to solve complex and unforeseen complex problems, and to manage the activities for the development of those who are responsible under a project.

10) By using the basic knowledge that he has, he is able to perform a given task independently.