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Survey And Cadastre
Associate TR-NQF-HE: Level 5 QF-EHEA: Short Cycle EQF-LLL: Level 5

General Information

The purpose of the program is to train well-equipped, qualified staff in risk assessment and deformation measurement in natural, historic and engineering structures and infrastructures, urban information system applications, land registry and cadastre information system, disaster information system and management, land planning and the creation of 3D city models, urban regulation and urban transformation applications.
As a result of the European Union Process, community awareness, and rapid, continuous and convenient transportation needs show that trained staff will be needed in our country’s conditions in the future. To meet the requirements in this area, the purpose is to create well- equipped and cultured human power. Graduates will be able to carry out various tasks in the relevant units of the municipalities, data management, tunnel and dam construction projects, public enterprises and private construction companies. Students graduated from this program, can be employed as technicians and assistant project managers in many business areas.