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Private Law
PhD TR-NQF-HE: Level 8 QF-EHEA: Third Cycle EQF-LLL: Level 8

General Information

With Okan University Institute of Social Sciences Private Law Department Private Law Doctorate Program, you can play an active role in the process of creating law, contribute to the development of legal culture and justice awareness, closely monitor and evaluate country and world problems, and not only legally, At the same time, it is aimed to educate distinguished lawyers who have the ability to examine philosophically and sociologically, and especially academicians to law faculties.

Our goals include encouraging students to deep research in law and including the scientific research process in the education process. Experience over time has revealed that sufficient academic success cannot be achieved in professional fields without the accumulation of academic knowledge. Our students will learn how to access the necessary information they will need in both their academic and professional activities and how to conduct research.

The fact that contemporary teaching approaches, methods and techniques can be applied in educational environments and students' effective use of their senses, interaction and communication skills necessitate limiting the number of learners. Accordingly, the number of students in our classes will be kept at a certain level, and the personal and academic development of our students will be closely related.

The program will introduce a better and more competitive postgraduate education program within the framework of academic and technological developments. Our students will have the opportunity to improve themselves on oral presentation and communication skills as well as forensic correspondence, national and international contract types and writing techniques, using the legal language in the legal profession.